It would be remembered for years to come, they said. For who could possibly push from their minds the terror that started in the Drakwald Deepwoods? A twisted obsidian fortress, towering above the trees and casting the world in shadow, housing a terrifying foe.

Archaon. Even after his defeat, people shudder to speak his name, lest he ever return to seek vengeance on those who opposed him. His demon mistress fled, his forces dissipated, his fortress crumbled, but the fear remained. Fear, and questioning. Who, people asked, who could possibly have been strong enough to fell such a powerful being? Rumours began, whispers of vivid blue lightning, an enormous winged creature, legions of silver-clad warriors. But for all the rumours, no one saw anything. That is, until the assault on Geldergreen.

Their forces already weaked by the battle with Archaon, the Paladins and Hellknights who guarded the city didn’t stand a chance against the hundreds of soldiers who fought as one. They left no holes in their defence, allowed no sword to strike them, but with their spears they struck down many. Soon, the city was taken. And it was there that he, the heart of all the rumours, appeared.

Word spread fast. After all, Geldergreen had been a trading hub for countless hundreds of years. Of course questions were asked once the great city suddenly became silent. There were those who feared Archaon’s return, and there were those that blamed Kristor, claiming that their leader had seized the opportunity to strike whilst Geldergreen, and the rest of Tetsledora, recovered.

The Emperor of Tetsledora was faced with a choice. A war was brewing, and had been for many years, and the Empire needed to gather its armies. However, the rumours surrounding Geldergreen could not be ignored. The solution was simple – A Royal decree was passed, requiring all able citizens who had come of age to serve for three years in the Tetsledoran Army. The time to fight was now.

Drakwald Deepwoods II: Nemeroth's Ascension

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