Drakwald Deepwoods II: Nemeroth's Ascension

Called for Service

“By Royal decree, every able-bodied man and woman above the age of seventeen years is hereby required to undertake no less than three years of military service to the Empire of Tetsledora. Failure or refusal to undertake this service will be sentenced as treason, and punishable by death. This is by the word of His Excellence, Emperor Horus Tetsledor III.”

The decree is displayed proudly in the centre of your town noticeboard, and has been all anyone has talked about in the three days it’s been up. Sighing, you ready your belongings. The Emperor’s forces arrived yesterday with the lists of people called to start their service now, and your name was one of the last read out. Just your luck – One of the Empire’s first lumps of cannon fodder. Hoisting your bag over your shoulder, you walk out the door and take a long look around your hometown. This might be the last time you ever see it.


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