The Voidwalker

This imposing figure, clad in baroque black armour, floats a few inches from the ground. Arcane energies crackle in his hands and the very air is charged with the promise of destruction.


“Once, I was a servant, to forces I could neither know of, nor comprehend should I have known of them. Now, I am changed. I have faced down a demigod and in doing so, become one myself. The forces which once directed me as a pawn in their Machiavellian schemes have decided that now is the time to strike at this Plane. I will not allow them to claim my world.

Their agents are already among you. How many? I do not know exactly. But they are legion. For every individual you cut down, three more shall take their place. There s only one way to win this war. Do as I command or fall as my enemy."


The Voidwalker

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